A solid construction and a tasteful design: allow us to introduce the parasol SUNS Lifestyle Pantalla. The sturdy and appealing design make this parasol an asset for every garden. PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED WITH SUNS FURNITURE 



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Pantalla is easily manageable and made of weather-resistant and maintenance-friendly material. The parasol cloth has an additional UV-protection layer and is also water repellent. Including a 100/120 kg granite base ensures that the parasol will stay in place. Should you wish to relocate it, this is easy because of the castor wheels. Due to the sturdy and modern design, this parasol is an asset for every garden.

This high-quality hanging parasol comes with a 120 kg concrete base. And can be moved around due to wheels under the foot. The parasol is large and will therefore provide a lot of shade. If you are looking for a large parasol, this is a very good alternative. The parasol is our best-selling hanging parasol and comes with a cover. 12 m2 parasol can easily serve as a cover for your terrace. With heavy and prolonged rain showers, however, there may be some moisture on the underside of the fabric.

Umbrellas are generally not made for severe weather. A high-quality hanging parasol with an aluminum frame and a large cloth surface is sensitive to strong blasts. It is therefore a good idea, regardless of the quality of the parasol, to keep an eye on the parasol as long as it is turned up. We have tested the Pantalla parasol in strong winds on the west coast. The Pantalla parasol can withstand the wind but will stand and swing and creak a lot due to the turning mechanism. However, this can be solved by attaching the parasol to a corner with a string or similar.

Material: Aluminum frame, polyester fabric with Teflon coating and concrete base. 

we sell umbrellas that have been tested in strong winds from different sides. .

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1 x parasol 4m x 3m

1 x 100/120kg parasol base & wheels