Water Hyacinth Furniture

Forming a layer of plants on the surface of the water, the Hyacinth plant considered being a very harmful aquatic living organism. Especially when it comes to fishing, travelling or other activities involving water activities But one thing that is regarded as a luxury is the water hyacinth furniture.

Naturally, Water hyacinth is a free-floating plant that generally grows in water bodies like rivers, lakes, or ponds. It has dark green leaves that found mostly to be elliptical or circular. It was discovered that water hyacinth possesses an exciting and excellent quality material for the use of furniture production.

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Water Hyacinth luxury garden furniture

If you combine the details of a true craftsman and their classic appeal of making furniture out of plants you can imagine the classic appeal of creativity and designing. The dried leaves and stems of water hyacinth are woven by expert craftsmen who have experience in hand-weaving the water hyacinth using an ingenious technique and produce furniture like coffee tables, sofas, day beds, and other furniture used in dining and living rooms.

The raw materials used are biodegradable which can also help in protecting the environment. The water hyacinth is believed to grow and spread easily, biologists and ecologists say that the plant can cover the entire pond if still in a time of just one month. The best way is to turn these into furniture and save the aquatic creatures.

Various resorts and hotels use water hyacinth sofas for its elegance and beauty. The water hyacinth sofas are considered a piece of luxury garden sofas today the whole world has begun to get curious and own a piece of this luxury furniture set. these sofas are used for garden and outdoor but there is a high possibility that it can lose its originality when it comes in contact with the UV rays for a particularly prolonged period. It is important to take care of these furniture sets the UV rays might not just affect the color of the sofas but also the structure.

If you prefer to place it outdoors then make sure that you place it in the shade so that it is not always exposed to the sun and the harmful UV rays.