Teak garden furniture

Durable, stable and easy to handle, teak wood furniture such as Teak dining sets,has been conquering the decorative market for its plurality of users. Combining versatility and quality: teak wood can be the critical missing piece to bring prominence, rusticity and sophistication to the decoration.

Widely used by the outdoor garden furniture manufacturers, teak wood is a tropical species that has a lot of versatility. Its irregular stripes of different shades, makes its use in sophisticated furniture, combining rustic with elegance. Durable and stable, teak Coffee and side tables have high resistance to attack by pests, such as termites, marine borers and other insects. Also, teak wood is immune to the action of fungi.

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Teak Wood: Translating Versatility

Also notable for its rapid growth in height, teak wood can be fully utilized. This stability allows resistance to humidity variation in the environment. Furthermore, teak wood furniture such as Teak chairs has a low crack rate and allows a neat finish. Also having a kind of latex inside that prevents corrosion of nails and hardware applied to it.

The darling of the External Area

On the European continent, it is common to use Sun Loungers, benches and other garden furniture made of teak wood. They are exposed without any protection, resulting only in the forest acquiring a different colour and without any damage over time. This use of teak wood is due to the presentation of the excellent durability when exposed to the action of sun and rain, making it perfect for making furniture for the garden or balcony.

Within the total reuse of teak wood, batten panels can be used to manufacture furniture such as Teak tables, chairs and doors. Teak's beautiful colour combined with durability and resistance can serve as a prominent element for panels, tabletops, countertops for vats and the construction of furniture.