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Garden Furniture Spain has a huge range of quality Barbecues, they are great for an outdoor dinner party or just for using during the hot summer months.We offer Cobb Charcoal barbeques,  Cobb Grill Barbecue all delivered across Spain, for your balconys, gardens and terraces, also large family size professional Cobb Gas barbecue ideal for entertaining and enjoying the climate here in Spain. Great for cooking perfectly barbecued steak while you enjoy the sun from your own spanish retreat, nothing is better than cooking outdoors, especially when you are using quality products from Cobb Grill BBq`s, Cobb BAccessory , Garden Furniture Spain.

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Cobb Utensils set Cobb Utensils set
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Cobb Utensils set
The Cobb Utensil set includes: silicon coated spatula, fork, tongs and silicon basting brush.
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Cobb Board Cobb Board
Cobb Board

The Cobb cutting board is manufactured from Bamboo, preventing deforestation. It is extremely durable and is designed with a ridge to accomodate the dome whilst tending your cooking and to help keep your food warm. 

Cobb Carry Bag Cobb Carry Bag
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Cobb Carry Bag
The Cobb bag is great when on the road.Able to fit the Cobb, all 4 main accessories (when the dome is inverted in the packing process),along with smaller bits like fire liters and smoker materials!
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Cobb MultiTool Cobb MultiTool
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Cobb MultiTool

  • The Cobb multi-tool has been successfully tested on multiple occasions and is made of the highest quality material, allowing strong product durability and long shelf life when being compared to up market retail multi-tools.
  • The Cobb Multi Tool is your one stop go-to tool for around the house and on holiday. A great, lightweight, pocket-sized tool that you can use anytime time of the day.

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