York Table

Reclaimed Teak Furniture offers a move away from
the norm.and different whilst at the same time
being functional, practical and expertly made by
skilled craftspeople to their bespoke,

We have 2 sizes available 

1.35m table dimensions:
Diameter: 135cm 
Height: 75cm


1.6m table dimensions:
Diameter: 160cm 
Height: 75cm


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The hand finished quality makes this table far superior to more mass produced, mainstream furniture that often suffers from inferior production methods and fails quickly after purchase.
This is not the case with our York Tables …
Hand cut mortice and tenon joints further reinforced with teak dowels join the separate parts together. This ensures maximum strength with regular use over time.
The double reinforced table top is 12cm thick with a decorative overhang that adds to its individuality.
By reclaiming teak that's come to the end 
of its natural useful life Quite simply, the best, 

Its dense, oily nature means, It has a very low 
moisture uptake over time the teak
will blend in your environment