York 6 Chair Teak Table Set

By reclaiming teak that's come to the end

of its natural useful life Quite simply, the best,
Its dense, oily nature means, It has a very low
moisture uptake over time the teak
will blend in your environment 



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Rattan Colour

There are 5 different rattan weave colours to choose from with the luxury armchairs set with our York Teak Table Set.

The table is two metres long and hand made in reclaimed teak. The reclaimed teak table is constructed using mortice and tenon, reinforced with teak dowels. The joints won't fail over time, Teak rivets support the underside of the table as well for extra support.

Chunky legs at a massive 11cm thick and a double thickness table top at 12cm thick -

each piece  of wood is chosen and cut by hand making each table individual  and ensuring the highest quality every time, table top is super-smooth along its full length 

Teak Oil - Just Say NO

Ecolene synthetic outdoor rattan weave is used in the luxury Seville Armchairs on this teak table set. Produced specifically for outdoor use and recognised as some of the best of its kind on the market today.

EcoleneTM Outdoor rattan weave? wrapped round a sturdy aluminium frame that's rust free and will remain so for the duration of the sets life. The feet are further protected with robust plastic caps.

The weave is spun right to the bottom of the frame giving the chairs.

Table Dimensions: 
Height: 76cm 
Width: 100cm 
Length: 200cm
Leg thickness: 11cm
Table top thickness: 12cm

Seville Armchair Dimensions: 
Width: 64 cm 
Height: 89 cm 
Depth: 66 cm 
Seat width: 50 cm 
Seat depth: 44.5 Cm 
Seat height: 42 cm 
Arm height: 64 cm

Looks stunning in direct sunlight Hand Crafted Reclaimed Teak Table Get prepared for luxury Alfresco Dining