Winchester Corner Dining Set with Armchair, Ice Bucket and Rising Table

 Sofa Dining Set with Armchair, Ice Bucket and Rising Table is a slightly larger set than the original Winchester rising table set with the addition of a sumptuous and relaxing high backed armchair making this a great value outdoor corner dining sofa


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Corner Sofa uses your outdoor space intelligently and provides such a great and comfortable area for at least 6 people to be seated.  The set also includes 3 footstools with extra thick cushions and a high-backed stylish armchair to provide comfortable seating for a further 3 people.  All of which can fit perfectly around a large, toughened glass-topped rectangular dining table with the added benefit of an inbuilt ice bucket. 

No need to leave the table to get another cool drink anymore thanks to the inbuilt ice bucket which comes complete with a cover to allow you to use the full size of the dining table when not in use.  Make a real impression on your friends or family at any outdoor gathering or party and let them relax

Length Long Side - H88cm x W254cm x D80cm
Length Short Side - H88cm x W181cm x D80cm
Rattan Ice Bucket & Rising Table - H40/69cm x L150cm x D85cm
Rattan Footstools - H46cm x W40cm x D40cm
Rattan Armchair - H85cm x W70cm x D80cm