Westminster Folding Armchair

Westminster Folding Armchair

Any folding armchair is that it is super-easy to store when not in use. This also allows multiple armchairs to be stored very discreetly and in a small space.

Aside from this the Westminster also looks superb and ticks all the boxes comfort-wise.


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With an angled back has a curved lumber-support at the base and the plentiful seat is also slightly contoured making it really comfortable to relax on even without a cushion.

Teak wood:

  • The individual joints areas are hand cut using mortice and tenon joints which are then reinforced using teak dowels ensuring a robust end product of the highest quality that will last for years.
  •  As a timber there is nothing more superior that teak for use outdoors. Its dense grain and high natural oil content make it supremely workable and very unlikely to crack or split along the grain.
  • These unique qualities will help protect against fungal and insect attack as well.
  • The natural ageing process will turn the honey-coloured lustre to an equally attractive silver-grey patina over time

Height: 97cm
Depth: 55cm
Length: 55cm