Warwick 120cm dia table folding set

Teak furniture is, quite simply, the best.
This is a well-known fact, as with any timber,
Its dense, oily nature means it has a very low moisture uptake
over time the teak will age and assume that silver-grey patina


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Warwick teak stacking chairs with henley folding teak table

From the finest materials

The golden, reddish colour of the A-Grade Teak gives the whole set a lovely radiance that shines beautifully in direct sunlight.

Over time the timber will age to a silver-grey patina that is readily associated with aged teak.

Teak of this quality is extremely dense and high in natural oils offering it the ultimate in natural protection against the elements and making it extremely unlikely to crack or split over time

Set Includes: 120cm Diameter Henley FSC Certified Folding Teak Table / Warwick FSC Certified Stacking Armchairs x 4

Chair Dimensions:

Height: 91cm

Width: 57.5cm

Depth: 58cm

Table Dimensions:

Height: 73cm

Diameter: 120cm

Parasol hole diameter: 51mm