Turnberry 1.5m Bench

 A Grade Teak, our Turnberry benches are available for engraving. Give it to someone as a present or leave a memorial in your garden for someone special, these benches will last for years

Teak has a dense grain with natural occurring oils which offer it protection unlike other woods. Over time the oil turns into a silver grey patina which acts as a coating


Height: 93cm 
Depth: 51cm 
Length: 150cm 
Bench weight: 25kg


Delivery Policy Spain Mainland


 Teak dowels, the bench has reliable Mortise and Tenon joints, which have been used for thousands of years for adjoining pieces of wood, producing a strong neat joint. You can assure your bench will remain strong and in great condition for years to come, which is exactly what you would expect from this high quality

 The curved back allows for a relaxed sitting position whilst offering you support and the wide flat arms are perfect for resting on.