FSC Certified 1.8m Teak Cushion Box

Teak Cushion Box 1.5m FSC Certified

Teak acessories, quite simply, the best will last many years.
This is a well-known fact, as with any timber,
Its dense, oily nature means it has a very low moisture uptake
over time the teak will age and assume that silver-grey patina
there is nothing like the look and feel of a brand new hand crafted teak dining set
or bench with that beautiful honey coloured lustre and smoothed appeal.


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There are three sizes on offer this is at 1.8 metres long.

All are constructed from a grade teak and put together using hand cut mortice and tenon joints that are further reinforced with teak dowels.

This makes each and every one extremely long lasting and perfect for outdoor use.

The stainless steel hinges won't rust with exposure to the elements and each one has capped feet to raise them off the floor offering extra protection during wetter and colder periods.

the hinged supports prop the lid open making filling it easy, The slatted side panels offer great ventilation to keep dry during long periods of storage,The dense, oily qualities that occur naturally in teak make it, the best timber for outdoor use, External protection is not needed to prevent the likelihood of cracking or splitting - particularly with the finest quality teak that is used.Dimensions:


Height: 67.5cm
Depth: 56cm
Width: 151cm

Internal dimensions: 
Height: 57cm
Length: 146cm
Depth: 49cm