Seville Cushion Box

Summer Grass Weave Colour Only

Totally waterproof meaning it keeps the outdoor cushions dry no matter how heavy the downpour!

The video included here demonstrates this perfectly.

The simple yet slightly contemporary design here works really well with the hand woven Seville outdoor rattan.

A slightly angled lid allows excess water to run off …


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Sturdy and coated aluminium frames are used  for that rust free appeal and lightweight movability.

Great for commercial and domestic buyers ...

The lifting mechanism on the lid will keep the box open at various angles and the lid itself lies flat to the frame when closed making it water tight.

The Seville Rattan is of the highest quality …

  • Simple and quick to wipe down and maintain with very little effort.
  • UV Stabilisers are added to protect against fading and the fibres are also colour fast.
  • It is tolerant to all types of water including sea and chlorinated water.
  • No harmful elements like Lead or Cadmium are used in the production process and all raw materials are 100% recyclable.
  • An insulating seal is applied to the inside of the weave for greater waterproofing.
  • Dimensions: 

    Small - 66 x 116 x 61 

    Medium - 76 x 132 x 75 

    Large - 86 x 148 x 89