Oxford Royal U Shaped Sofa Set - With Rising Table

U Shape Sofa Set with Rising Table is our largest and most intimate Rattan set created yet. It incorporates our versatile rising table which allows you to transform from dining to lounging with ease. The generous U-Shaped Sofas and additional bench bring everyone together to socialise in maximum comfort.


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This statement set will effortlessly transform your outdoor living space.


  • Left Rattan Sofa - H81cm x D86cm x W126cm
  • Right Rattan Sofa - H81cm x D86cm x W126cm
  • Corner Pieces - H81cm x D91cm x W154cm
  • 2 Seat Centre Sofa - H81cm x D81cm x W125cm
  • Ice Bucket Rising Table - H48/70cm x L136cm x W121cm
  • Rattan Benches - H37cm x L101cm x W44cm