Oak Garden Swing Seat 2

Quality Graded materials are used, in our Benches

and come in a variety of classic and  contemporary styles,
It’s tolerates a wide range of temperatures so it can
be left outside all year round without being degraded by the weather.

Quite simply, the best, Its dense, oily nature means
it has a very low moisture uptake over time the teak will age
and assume that silver-grey patina there is nothing like the look
and feel of a brand new hand crafted teak or oak timbers
with that beautiful honey coloured finish


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Our timber is pre-treated and sturdily bolted together with steel bolts giving it a sturdy structure that will stand up all year round to the elements and offer hours of relaxed pleasure.

The swing mechanism is specially shaped and smoothed to allow the plaited rope to sway in the perfect arc. 

This is attached to the frame on hooks allowing it to be removed when required.

The rope itself is thickly plaited and taped off to prevent fraying.

Please Note: This item is delivered flat-packed and requires around 2 hours assembly


  • Height: 190cm 
  • Depth: 150cm 
  • Width: 220cm 
  • Seat Height: 41-45cm