Midnight Montana Coffee - Dining Table

Midnight Montana Coffee - Dining Table

Coffee/Dining Table is a truly unique piece of outdoor furniture. At first glance it looks like a regular outdoor Coffee Table but in actual fact the table top is formed of two sections that open outwards on a hinged mechanism inside the table to allow the user to raise the centre section and turn the regular Coffee Table into a more plentiful and higher-set Dining Table.    


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The contemporary design shines with its simplicity and style and the hand woven Outdoor Water Hyacinth Weave looks great and is completely unique to us.

The frame is shaped from coated, lightweight aluminium making it great for regular use but easy to re-position at the same time.

All glass is 8mm thick and tempered for regular use and the two extra sections that are needed for use as a dining table can be stored away inside the unit when dining is not on the agenda.

At 8mm thick the weave is striking and grabs the attention and it’s UV stabilised meaning it won’t fade over time.

As with any type of synthetic weave the Montana is virtually maintenance-free simply requiring a quick wipe over every now and again.


Closed - As a coffee table

Width: 76cm

Length: 101cm

Height: 49cm  


Open - As a dining table

Width: 118cm

Length: 101cm

Height: 64cm