Midnight Montana Bar Set

It is the synthetic Water Hyacinth weave on the Montana Bar Set that gives it that unique and very appealing feel.

The contemporary design is stunning in its simplicity and practical in style.

The frame is shaped from rust-free, lightweight aluminium

*Includes 1 Bar & 4 Stools


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Seat Cushion colour

The glass used is 8mm thick and tempered for regular use.

Plus a chunky set of cushions in a choice of seven vibrant colours ...

Why Synthetic Water Hyacinth?

The synthetic weave is specifically manufactured to look like Natural Water Hyacinth – due to environmental concerns overseas around the harvesting of natural rattan Water Hyacinth is now becoming vastly popular in the western world.

The fact that this is outdoor Water Hyacinth is what makes it unique. Water Hyacinth is predominantly used for indoor furniture with very few synthetic varieties for outdoor use found in the UK market.

At 8mm thick the weave is striking and grabs the attention and it’s UV stabilised meaning it won’t fade over time.

The weave also has colour fasteners added.

As with any type of synthetic weave the Montana is virtually maintenance-free simply requiring a quick wipe over every now and again.

The techniques used in the weaving are similar to those used with traditional cane weaves where thinner, strand-fibres are used to support the main weave itself to give added strength and a tighter knit that will last for years.

Bar Dimensions

Height: 107cm

Table Diameter: 122cm

Base Diameter:  69cm


Stool Dimensions

Height: 111cm

Width: 55cm

Depth: 50cm