Storage Boxes Meteor Cushion Box Large

Meteor Cushion Box Large

Manufactured from synthetic rattan weave by AbacoXF,

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Manufactured from synthetic rattan weave by AbacoXF, 

Made for outdoor use in all weather, striking in colour, the weave is wrapped to a lightweight aluminium frame which is powder coated to add extra quality to the detail, 

MarinaPlus Fabrics? designed for yacht use due to their all weather use, cutting edge fabrics are classed as synthetic leather, this is used abundantly as an integral part of the overall design to a great effect, also stitched into the weave itself and padded throughout with a soft and spongy filling.

The aluminium clasp can be locked with a padlock if required

MarinaPLUS specification

Tested to withstand temperatures from -20⁰C to +60⁰C.
UV Stabilised and completely Colour-Fast.
Very low-maintenance for regular use.
All the modern materials used in this lounger are 100% recyclable and the manufacturing processes used produce very little waste giving the whole thing an environmentally friendly.

Height: 100cm
Width: 156cm
Depth: 80