Mayfair 2.4m FSC Certified Teak Table

golden, honey-coloured lustre of the teak with a chunky feel of the design, hand finished construction uses mortice and tenon joints reinforced with teak dowels to ensure maximum strength 


Length: 240cm

Height: 76cm

Width: 100cm

Leg thickness: 10cm


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The table top is made up of two halves, as opposed to the interlocking strips you see with many designs, and this adds that little bit of character and individual appeal to the design.

The chunky legs are capped with toughened plastic caps to raise the table off the floor slightly and offer greater protection when in use. 

This means that the timber is naturally protected against the elements and extremes of temperature without splitting or cracking.

The ageing process will turn the wood a silver-grey colour that many people find very attractive but this can be removed with some elbow grease and mild, soapy water on a warm summer’s day.