Lutyens 2.4m Bench | FSC® Certified

Edwin Lutyens lovingly designed garden bench is unforgettable and highly sought after and is now considered to be a part of English Heritage.


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Mortice & Tenon joints reinforced with teak Dowells are hand cut to offer long lasting durability for regular.

The scroll-like, rounded arms compliment the cross-slat back design wonderfully and the level of craftsmanship required to produce this is highly impressive

In time the ageing process will turn the teak that classic and well known silver-grey colour – a patina that's even more prominent in the A Grade teak we use.

The natural oils and dense nature of this timber act as a natural repellent to water, fire, chemical and insect attack - allowing this Lutyens Bench to be left at the mercy of the elements all year round without the risk of cracking or splitting.


  • Height: 104cm
  • Depth: 60cm
  • Length: 240cm