Large Cushion Box With Doors

solid teak this large cushion box has ample storage space.

At just over one metre tall and just under two metres long it’s great for commercial buyers or very large domestic premises.


Height: 101cm
Width: 181cm
Depth: 80cm
Internal height: 90cm
Internal width: 171cm
Internal Depth: 67cm


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  • All pieces are hand cut with mortice and tenon joints used further reinforced by teak dowels offering a robust construction that will last for years of regular use.
  • The doors come with magnetic clasps to fasten them shut and the lid lifts smoothly on retractable hinges that keep it raised when upright.
  • Thin rubber strips are inset into top of the lid and these offer shock absorption if the lid does slam shut and are also decorative in their own right.
  • The feet are fitted with toughened plastic caps to protect both it and the surface it rests on.