Kingsbury recliner chair

Kingsbury Recliner Chair is hand built in chunky dimensions from solid Teak.

Each different reclining position locks in place and the mechanism runs with Solid Brass Rivets to stop it failing over time and to preserve the integrity of the wood.
This purchase is for one reclining Armchair

Reclines in six different positions meaning it can be used as a regular Dining Chair, a Reclining Chair or a Sun Lounger


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Introduced at the end of last season, the Kingsbury chair proved to be very popular. Self-adjustable, the chair offers a smooth contoured seat that you just sink into that makes you not want to get out. As an added extra the seat can also be used with a foot stool and allows you again to relax completely.

This purchase is only one recliner chair

Extended information

Height: 113cm
Depth:  69cm
Length: 60cm