Kensington Steamer Lounger

 the steamer chair was designed for the wealthy clientele to enjoy maximum comfort on the decks of these huge ships.

Our modern take on the classic design is hand finished from the highest quality teak complete with solid brass fittings that were so characteristic in the original designs.

The price does not inc the lounger cushion 


Delivery Policy Spain Mainland


Steamer loungers and chairs were originally made popular on the first ocean-going Luxury Passenger Liners and Grand Passenger Ships like the Titanic …

The hand finished design will last for years and the teak will age gracefully to the silver-grey patina that is common, and so desirable, with this timber.

It is possible, for purely cosmetic purposes, to restore the aged teak back to its original honey-coloured aspect simply by using mild, soapy water and elbow grease.


Length: 163cm

Width: 61cm

Back Height: 91cm

Front Height: 27cm