Fiji Magic Apple Day Bed

A unique and contemporary design.

The design also offers practicality as well as eye catching appeal. The top section can be closed with the cushion in it to form a compact pod complete with apple stalk

The price does not include a weather cover


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Seat Cushion colour

an additional great feature the cushioned section inside the top section can be adjusted in three positions allowing you to choose the best reclining position for you.

  • Manufactured to look and feel like natural rattan.
  • A cinch to clean down – do individual areas with a damp cloth or wash the whole thing down with the garden hose.
  • It has a high resistance to water and extremes of temperature making it perfect for use outside all year round.
  • UV and colour stabilised for that non-fade quality.
  • These high quality grades of synthetic rattan are do not split or crack over time.

Olefin Cushions:

  • Olefin fibres are well known for offering the highest quality specifications for outdoor use.
  • Low moisture absorption means they dry super quickly.
  • Raw materials used are 100% recyclable with little or no waste produced in production.
  • UV stabilisers mean they block 96% of the sun’s harmful rays and solution dying means they don’t fade easily.
  • They have a massive resistance to abrasion, chemical attack, staining and mildew.
  • Thermal bonding of the fibres makes them tough even when wet.
  • Dimensions:

    Closed -

    Total Height: 105cm

    Apple Height: 75cm

    Stalk Height: 40cm

    Width: 102cm


    Open -

    Full Height: 92cm

    Height to Seat: 40cm

    Length: 160cm

    Width: 102cm