Fiji Flower Baskets - Set Of Three

Fiji Flower Baskets - Set Of Three

  • to clean down – do individual areas with a damp cloth or wash the whole thing down with the garden hose.
  • It has a high resistance to water and extremes of temperature making it perfect for use outside all year round
  • Manufactured to look and feel like natural rattan.

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  • These high-quality grades of synthetic rattan are do not split or crack over time.
  • UV and colour stabilised for that non-fade quality.


Large Basket -

Top Diameter: 70cm

Bottom Diameter: 46cm

Front Height: 51cm

Back Height: 82.5cm

Medium Basket -

Top Diameter: 60cm

Bottom Diameter: 37cm

Front Height: 33.5cm

Back Height: 62cm

Small Basket -

Top Diameter: 50cm

Bottom Diameter: 29cm

Front Height: 24cm

Back Height: 53cm