Double Adirondack Chair Set

Designed many years in ago 1903 by THOMAS LEE and still serving its purpose today, the Adirondack chair & Footstool, has been designed for total comfort, made from solid A Grade


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 It is well documented that teak is far superior to other timbers for use in outdoor furniture because of its dense, oily qualities

And all our Adirondacks are hand crafted using mortice and tenon joints reinforced with teak dowels for that long lasting quality not found in other, cheaper brands of furniture.

Adirondack Dimensions:


  • Height: 96cm 
  • Width: 80cm 
  • Length: 92cm


  • Height: 35cm
  • Depth: 50cm 
  • Length: 77cm


  • Height: 60cm 
  • Leg diameter: 49cm 
  • Table top diameter: 60cm