Classic FSC Certified 1.5m - 2m Oval Extending Table

stunning Chunky Teak Table has a classic finish that demonstrates the honey colored golden hue and high-quality finish of the teak wood perfectly. The density of the grain adds to the tables robust feel apparent only in the highest grade Teak.

The table top is four centimeters thick and extendable into two different lengths …

1.5 meters when not extended.

2 meters at full length.


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There’s nothing like the golden luster of teak wood in direct sunlight – the perfect outdoor furniture.

Its dense, oily nature means it has a very low moisture uptake giving it supreme strength and resistance to warping.

The natural oils also give a natural resistance to attack by termites, pests, and chemicals the main reason why teak lends itself to use in outdoor furniture.

 As time goes by this Chunky Teak Table table will assume the silver-grey patina associated with aged teak wood. 

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Height: 70cm

Depth: 100cm

Length: 150/200cm