Chunky table - 210cm dia

Chunky table - 210cm dia

It has an impressive aspect all round as well. The outer rim is 40mm thick and the legs are 7cm square. Even the slats on the tabletop are 10cm thick offering the perfect platform for family dining and larger gathering either in or outdoors This is an investment for life …

In fact, it’ll probably outlive you and me. The design itself considers the end-user as well. Take a look at the legs that are set back under the table with the horizontal support bars set high up the inset legs meaning there’s plenty of room for your legs underneath it. This makes it super-comfy when in use for dining purposes.


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Over two metres wide, and chunky by name and nature.

As Teak Tables come you will not find better quality than this either on or offline – guaranteed.

Superb Teak is hand-craft to such high specifications that you cannot feel the joints in the timber when you run your hand across the top.

Chunky 210cm diameter dining table.

40mm thickness outer rim

Extended information

Diameter: 210cm
Height: 73cm
Table rim: 33mm
Leg profile: 7.5 x 7.5cm
Parasol hole diameter: 51mm

From the finest materials

Our furniture is crafted from the finest materials available.