Cast Iron Fire Bowl 80cm

Cast Iron Fire Bowl 80cm

With an ornate, painted framework as a base they look great in any outdoor setting and are designed to age with different levels of oxidation meaning they take on a completely individual feel over time in different environments.


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The design is such that they age with different levels of oxidation over time and in different environments which is the key to their rustic appeal as a whole.

Heavy, robust and in tune with the environment …

Their individual nature offers a refreshing move away from standard, mass-produced commercial fire pits and this sets them apart from the crowd.

Not just a Fire Pit:

Use as a Fire Pit is the most obvious use but definitely not the only use. Other suggestions for use would include:-

  • Novelty Garden Planters.
  • Water and Lily features.
  • Ice coolers for Parties and BBQ’s.
  • Water Features with Fountains.

Dimensions with Stand:
Height: 48cm 
Diameter: 80cm