Bruce the Bull Cooler Medium

Being hand made by skilled crafts people from recycled shipping drums and other scrap metals over in Vietnam - a tough lacquer is applied by hand to the finished items, ensuring their suitability for regular use outdoor


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  • My name is bruce the Bull cooler but you can call me whatever you want.
  • This is what makes me different and desirable.
  • "I'm hand-made from old 44-gallon drums that are recycled.
  • "I was born to be wild". - these qualities have rubbed off on me and I wear them with pride. I wear a coat which is UV Resistant."
  • "We are all individually made. The 44-gallon drums that give us life all come from different sources and in different colours this gives us our individuality."
  • "You can use me to keep your drinks cool".

If you have any questions, please ask Bruce the Bull Cooler

Dimensions: Medium
Height: 71cm 
Width: 43cm 
Depth: 85cm