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Published : 12/05/2017 08:12:04
Categories : Garden Furniture , News Update


Garden Furniture Spain carries an extensive range of Patio Heaters that are stylish, versatile and can provide you immense warmth when it is chilled outside. They can fabulously light up your outdoor garden area in the colder evening and thus allow you to use the garden all the year round. Patio heater you get here is eco-friendly and burns on biomass fuel. So, in a way, it uses the same kind of wooden pallet like the pellet stoves. Our heaters run without any gas, electricity and propane.

If you are looking for an efficient, green and renewable way to heat your interiors, you must try our pellet stoves boilers. Choose our unique and new generation pallet burning appliances that burn efficiently and in a clean manner. The powerful pellet stove boiler can heat modern homes and average sized homes. We carry a range of pellet stoves boilers and thus you may choose an item as per the area that needs to be heated.

Why choose us?

Garden Furniture Spain is a reliable online garden furniture store that pioneered outdoor heating systems to the global market some 20 years ago. You must choose us because:

Our heating system are manufactured and designed in a way that they can be installed easily.

Heating systems here are cost effective and need the minimum maintenance

Patio heaters here are stylish, slim and are of premium quality. They are just perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our Pellet Stoves Boilers are the latest innovations in temperature control and are just perfect for heating the outdoors.

The design of stoves and heaters are unique. Our professionals strive hard to come up with new models of heaters featuring innovative designs, sturdy construction in order to suit the classy and elite ambience of clients. Such stoves give the apt amount of warmth as needed by our clients.

Where you can use our heaters?

When it comes to the eco-friendly and energy efficient patio heaters, you may use them in your backyard, on the patio, any outdoor room, on the beach, in the restaurant and hotel.

So, to avail our interesting and uniquely designed functional heaters, get in touch with us now.

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