Bamboo 4m dia Parasol

  • Wind resilient Virtually indestructible, these parasols can withstand winds up to 90mph. 
  • FSC Certification and Olefin Fabrics for an environmentally friendly parasol
  • Olefin fabric: - keep warm Olefin fibres have great bulk and cover while having low specific gravity. This means warmth without the weight. 

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Canopy Colour


Diameter: 400cm
Pole diameter: 48mm
Rib Size:35mm x 20mm

Wind Resilient
Virtually indestructable, these parasols can withstand winds upto 90mph.

FSC Wood
Made from renewable and substanable sources making the parasol environmentally friendly.

Olefin Fabric - Keep Warm
Olefin fibers have great bulk and cover while having low specific gravity. This means “warmth without the weight"

Olefin Fabric - Weatherproof
The fibers have low moisture absorption, but they can wick moisture and dry quickly.

Olefin Fabric - Fade Resistant
Is a highly durable fade resistant fabric. It is abrasion stain, sunlight and chemical resistant and also colour fast. Colour Fastness: Level 7 to 8 (rather than polyester being level 4 to 5)

Olefin Fabric - Strength
One of the most important properties of olefin is its strength. It keeps its strength in wet or dry conditions and is very resilient.

Replaceable Spars
Strong stainless steel marine grade replaceable spars that are guaranteed not to degrade or rust.

5 Year Guarantee

To make this product even more appealing, it has a 5 year guarantee.