Balmoral Bench 2.0m

It’s difficult to place The Balmoral Bench into any one category of design – that’s a big part of its beauty.

If we compare it to other benches in our catalogue it has hints of the Richmond Bench but is also reminiscent of both the Teak Windsor Rose and, in some ways, the Royal Bench’s. Suits commercial and domestic buyers equally as well 


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With a flat seating area and high angled back in the classic bench style with this is designed a combined little delicate touches of the cross lattice sections, the shaped leg sections crafted by hand and then put together using mortice and tenon joints reinforced with teak dowels for added strength across the whole bench. You can leave it outdoors and let it age, Cosmetically the silver-grey ageing process can be removed either with a stiff bristle brush and warm soapy water. this product is already assemled.


Length: 198cm

Depth: 74cm

Height: 99cm

Seat height: 38cm

Seat depth: 56cm

Seat length: 189cm

Seat depth: 56cm