Backless FSC Certified Bench - 120cm

Backless FSC Certified Bench - 120cm

Perfect for commercial and domestic settings …

Backless Benches are among our best-selling items of outdoor furniture.

They look great and are really easy to store discreetly. They have the added advantage of being really easy to push under the table when not in use.

We sell 6 different sizes and a curved option as well …


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Mortice and tenon joints are hand cut and reinforced with teak dowels making all our backless benches long lasting and hard wearing with regular use.

  • Teak is by far the best timber, particularly for outdoor use because it is a very low-maintenance dense hardwood.
  • Natural strength and water resistant qualities means it lends itself to outdoor use. A particularly good quality with backless benches that need to last and look good in commercial or domestic settings.
  • Plenty of oils occur naturally meaning teak can be worked and left to develop the silver-grey patina as it ages.
  • The aroma of the wood is an attractive, unique quality as well. Different people get different things out of it – some say it smells earthy while others detect a more leathery smell to it.
  • Dimensions:

    Height: 43cm

    Depth: 45cm

    Length: 120cm