Bali Reclaimed Teak Bench Set

With a chunky aspect and sturdy finish. The teak is genuinely reconditioned and crafted by hand making each one unique to you, the customer.

The solid strips of teak that run along the table top are reflected in the strips along the benches, another little feature that looks great and enhances the appeal of this bench set as a whole.


Delivery Policy Spain Mainland


Eight people can dine here with four either side, you can also add seating at each end for larger gatherings.

The teak itself is reconditioned to the highest standards and is matured from previous uses making it robust and strong. Mortice and tenon joints are used to secure the various parts and these are reinforced with teak dowels for added strength and long-lasting usability.

The high natural oil content and dense grain of the timber make it perfect for outdoor use and resistant to a massive temperature range with very little likelihood of cracking or splitting.

The black wash offers further protection and aesthetic appeal and is water based meaning it doesn’t react with the natural oils.

Over time the teak will age to a silver grey but this can be removed with a mild mix of warm soapy water and some elbow grease. Please make sure you do this on a warm sunny day so the wood has plenty of time to dry out.


Teak garden bench set dimensions:

Width: 100cm
Height: 76cm
Length: 200cm

Width: 35cm
Height: 46cm
Length: 185cm