Weatherproof Cushion Boxes

We have developed these exclusive weatherproof rattan cushion boxes to compliment our whole range of outdoor rattan furniture. This gives you the option of safe storage when your suite is not in use, maintaining the look and comfort of your chosen style. 

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Seville Cushion Box Seville Cushion Box
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Seville Cushion Box

Summer Grass Weave Colour Only

Totally waterproof meaning it keeps the outdoor cushions dry no matter how heavy the downpour!

The video included here demonstrates this perfectly.

The simple yet slightly contemporary design here works really well with the hand woven Seville outdoor rattan.

A slightly angled lid allows excess water to run off …

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Willow Cushion Box Willow Cushion Box
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Willow Cushion Box

The simple yet slightly contemporary design here works really well with the handwoven Willow outdoor rattan.
A slightly angled lid allows excess water to run off …Sturdy and coated aluminium frames are used for that rust free appeal and lightweight movability.

Great for commercial and domestic buyers ..The lifting mechanism on the lid will keep the box open at various angles and the lid itself lies flat to the frame when closed making it watertight.

3 Sizes Available Small, Medium, Large 

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Hyacinth Cushion Box Hyacinth Cushion Box
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Hyacinth Cushion Box

Both have plastic lining and along with the Water Hyacinth synthetic weave it’s safe to say they’re completely waterproof.

They are also hinged so the lid will stay open when you’ve got a lot to store in it.

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Winchester Large Storage Box Winchester Large Storage Box
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Winchester Large Storage Box
  • Aluminium Framing and poly rattan ensures durability
  • Synthetic all-weather rattan is completely maintenance-free
  • Perspex lining
  • We advise siting this rattan storage box in a sheltered area of the garden or place indoors
  • Wheels on one end for easy moving.
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Oxford Storage Box Oxford Storage Box
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Oxford Storage Box

style with the Oxford Large Storage Box. This top loading storage box is perfect for keeping your cushions and other garden accessories free from dirt and dust when not in use. With a solid protective top and woven rattan sides, it perfectly complements your furniture sets

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Large Cushion Box With Doors Large Cushion Box With Doors
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Large Cushion Box With Doors

solid teak this large cushion box has ample storage space.

At just over one metre tall and just under two metres long it’s great for commercial buyers or very large domestic premises.


Height: 101cm
Width: 181cm
Depth: 80cm
Internal height: 90cm
Internal width: 171cm
Internal Depth: 67cm

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Outdoor rattan cushion boxes delivered across Spain, Costa Blanca, costa del Sol, And all other Areas of mainland spain and the islands. Other popular products include Havanna rattan furniture range, Arizona rattan furniture range, all rattan furniture sets in Spain.