Sorrento Lounge Set

Sorrento Lounge Set

A lounge set with a unique rope design and very comfortable cushions.

  • Durable aluminium
  • Fast Dry Foam®
  • Premium rope
  • Sunproof®
  • Teak

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The frame of this lounge set is made of solid industrial aluminium. The frame is then covered with premium-quality acrylic rope, which is resistant to all weather conditions and exceptionally colourfast. The rope is applied in a so-called herringbone weaving pattern.

The cushion covers are made of a premium-quality outdoor material: Sunproof®, which is colourfast, resistant to all weather conditions, and easy to clean. The material also feels wonderfully soft and is very comfortable to sit on.

Sorrento offers unprecedented seating comfort. The cushions are upholstered with Fast Dry Foam® so they will be dry again in no time at all after a rain shower. The cushion covers are made of premium Sunproof® fabric. This material is water-repellent, mould-resistant and weatherproof. And Sunproof® feels wonderfully soft as well.

Overall measurements corner setup:

Length x width: 265 x 344 cm

Height: 70 cm

Seating height: 45 cm

3 seater:

Length x width 250 x 94 cm

Height: 70 cm

Seating height: 45 cm

3 seater with corner:

Length x width 265 x 94 cm

Height: 70 cm

Seating height: 45 cm

Lounge table M:

Diameter: 58 cm

Height: 40 cm

Lounge table L:

Diameter: 91 cm

Height: 26 cm