Luxury Rattan Day Beds

A summer day along with the greenery best experience ever. The vivid natural spaces with the coy summer breeze, leaves rustling and flowers blooming. A lively scenery right. How amazing will it be if you can rest in such landscape with arms and legs stretched across in a luxurious bed sofa? Enchanting right? Yes, this is precisely how you would feel in one of the rattan day bed. With luxury compounded and classy outlook scattered around, this rattan day bed sofa offers the best view for you this summer.

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Luxury Rattan Day Bed in Spain


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The Fiji Apple Day Bed The Fiji Apple Day Bed
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The Fiji Apple Day Bed

A Rotating  Day Bed You Can Follow The Sun

Apple Day Beds Fiji Quality you certainly won’t find one hand woven as stunning Fiji BIG CORE outdoor rattan weave.

The BIG CORE weave is hand woven and uses a mixture of 12, 14 and 16mm core weave to give a striking, natural appearance that catches the eye its amazing

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Sega Weave Apple Day Bed -

A Rotating  Day Bed You Can Follow The Sun

The Apple Day Bed Sega Weave looks great in this sandy colour and has a removable, ‘stalk,’ on the top
Hugely popular With more than enough room for two to four people, his top part of the frame rotates 360 degrees on a sturdy aluminium frame allowing you to follow the sun all day long and there’s even a pull-out shelf inside to hold the drinks, magazines, etc.

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Montana Apple Day Bed Montana Apple Day Bed
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Montana Apple Day Bed

A Rotating  Day Bed You Can Follow The Sun

Hand weaved in our stunning Montana Water-Hyacinth Weave …

The iconic design of the Apple Day Bed simply oozes comfort, style and relaxation.

And the Montana weave on this one makes the design even more eye-catching and bespoke.

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Midnight Montana Day Bed Midnight Montana Day Bed
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Midnight Montana Day Bed

 Apple Day Bed …

A Rotating  Day Bed You Can Follow The Sun

The brand new way to relax in a modern and contemporary style …

The Midnight Montana Range includes a 5 Year Retailer Guarantee as standard.

All our Apple Day Beds work to the same basic design with similar design features throughout

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Ethos Pacific Rotating Sun Lounger Ethos Pacific Rotating Sun Lounger
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Ethos Pacific Rotating Sun Lounger

A Rotating  Day Bed You Can Follow The Sun

3-year guarantee on the Frame and Weave and a 2-year guarantee on the stunning Diamante Fabrics.

All frames are made from tough but lightweight aluminium making them great for use outdoors.

Premium Marine Grade Rattan ...

Laboratory Testing ensures its suitability for regular use in a wide range of temperatures, specifically from -20⁰C to +60⁰C.

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Rattan Apple Beds are also available both online and in stores, which resemble the form of an apple, are round, and provide extra comfort. These are a bit cozy and hence cost more. One can place pillows and cushions inside the day bed sofa to get more comfortable. Those with houses comprising lawns and swimming pools can easily avail of this type of bed.

Buy Rattan Beds Online:

The Rattan Apple beds come in different variants and, as said earlier, are made up of various components. One can choose the day bed sofas, which are made up of. Those will provide comfort and ease at the same time. Some of the different types of rattan day beds are mentioned here: Weave Apple Day Bed, Montana Apple Day bed, Luxor Lounger, and others. These beds are readily available online and can be easily found when searched by the name.

One can buy a rattan day bed and place it at any corner of their house. The beds are a bit expensive but can be availed at a reasonable rate during discounts. The beds are provided by the manufacturers with massive offers and discounts online. The manufacturers make sure that the rattan apple beds are made with the premium quality woods and so that it provides optimum comfort to the user. Those who want to buy a rattan day bed for their home to enjoy the lazy moments of summer can buy online now, as there are substantial discounts.