Corner Sofa Set Nexus

Upholstered outdoor lounge set looks as good as it feels. With deep seats and thick supportive arms, the Nexus is the ultimate in relaxed sophistication. corner sofa set features seats that are just under a metre deep and wide armrests


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providing you with ample space for ultimate relaxation within your garden. Its long sofa piece has a length of 250cm making it perfect for multiple people or lying across in the sun. 

Both pieces can be separated to create a sofa and an outdoor chaise for more flexible use on the patio. Its all-weather fabric is designed with robust parallel stitching and is padded on the base and back for ample support. The 90cm square coffee table with a spray stone effect glass top completes this garden furniture set with a modern touch.

Product Details
1 x Left end sofa
1 x Right end sofa
1 x Square coffee table

Sofa dimensions:  = 2500 x 2520

  • Length on long side: 250cm
  • Length on the short side: 161cm
  • Depth: 91cm
  • Height: 68cm

Coffee table dimensions:

  • Length 90cm
  • Width: 90cm
  • Height: 36cm