It seems obvious, but you have to set a price to buy beautiful outdoor furniture Barcelona. Keep this thing in mind if you want to decorate your terrace or garden. Sometimes you have a bigger budget, and sometimes you have less. And there are always options. The plastic furniture is also economical, and the designs are very varied. The highest budgets have the highest quality design and premium materials that will last for many years in perfect condition.

The most suitable outdoor materials

When choosing the content for the outdoor furniture Spain, you must take into account that the spaces that are protected by a roof (either a covered terrace or a porch) are more sheltered from direct sun and rain. While those who are not like this have to be more resistant.

· Wood – Not all resist the same. Exotic varieties are the most resistant. Teak, eucalyptus and cedar are highly recommended. They need treatment (sand and apply oil) over time.

· Aluminium – They are light outdoor furniture and do not rust.

· Forging/iron – They are heavy and need treatment over time because the paint deteriorates.

· Rattan – It is a synthetic material that mimics fibre braiding but requires little maintenance (cleaning only). Rattan furniture Spain usually covers an aluminium structure, making it lightweight.

· Plastic – It is an economical material that allows all kinds of designs. And it is available in many colours. The furniture is durable and light and requires no maintenance.

· Wicker or similar natural fibres – They are natural, and it is preferable to use the furniture in this finish when they are sheltered from the sun and rain.

Do you know your choice?

What style goes with you - contemporary, natural, traditional, or retro? You can find models of these Spain outdoor furniture styles for all kinds of uses and spaces.Just visit the store, and place your order.