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Add A Ledge Lounger To Your Pool And Relish Sun Basking

Published : 11/05/2019 12:27:50
Categories : News Update

Add A Ledge Lounger To Your Pool And Relish Sun Basking

Sun basking becomes more enticing during those cold winter days when you are frozen from inside and you see glimpses of a sunny day outside. The solution to all your problems comes in the form of a pool and a ledge lounger adorning it.  The name of pool furniture might make your heart skip a beat thinking about the cost. But all myths end here as the leading online furniture stores are ready to spoil you with their array of garden sun loungers that too at the affordable price range.

Varieties in pool furniture 

Many of you might be in love with garden sun loungers, and they hate getting tanned especially on the face. Again many are there who want to slide off to a dream world while the breezy wind from pool gushes into their hairs. For all such diversified preferences leading online stores are ready with their diversified collections to get you awe-inspired. Some impressive cantilever parasols designs include:


  1.       Chaise: The most common type of lounger where you can lay low and relax all day under the sun. Whether it's your own pool or suite of some 5 stars, a flexible Chaise can add wonders to your patio.


  2.       Deep Chaise: If lying on back on a laid back weekend sipping fruit-cocktail is your idea of perfect relaxation a deep chaise is your thing.


  3.       Chaise with headrest: Sometimes you want to dive off to the dream world while lying on these cantilever parasols, for such preferences a headrest can be your thing.

  4.       Chaise with shade: Admit it, everyone hates getting tanned especially on the face. A big reason while many avoid sun basking is the risk of tanning. But a chaise with a shade over the face is the genie, you were looking for.

  5.       Slide tables of different widths: Pools are not just for relaxation but also for sipping fruit cocktails, champagnes and reading novels. A side table is must for such purposes

  6.       Chaise with cushion: Cushions are the most comfortable inventions ever; a chaise with cushion is even comfier.


If you are wondering where to find these beautiful comfy pieces for your pool then just visit the web portals and the leading online stores are waiting to entice you with their range.

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