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7 Tips about Caring for & Maintaining Garden Furniture

Published : 01/08/2017 10:22:06
Categories : Garden Furniture , News Update

7 Tips about Caring for & Maintaining Garden Furniture

Beautiful outdoors literally uplift the spirit but reaching such heights in your yard demands sheer hard work. Furniture is an integral part of the outdoors; bringing comfort and enhancing its beauty. Neglected garden furniture will certainly degrade outdoor appeal making it imperative for chairs, tables, and benches to look their best at all times. It might seem daunting at first but there is no need to be scared as you have these tips about caring for and maintaining garden furniture to refer to;

  1.     Covers for protection

Weather is garden furniture’s greatest nemesis so covers would be a great form of protection from sudden showers and harsh sun. Patio furniture covers are easily thrown over wood, metal or wicker furniture when it is not in use to keep it safe from bad weather.Sun awnings in Phoenix are a preferred option for keeping garden furniture from direct sun and the occasional shower. These can be used together with furniture covers to ensure that chairs and tables remain in good shape no matter the weather.

  1.     A coat of paint

It is advisable that you go for painted furniture as the coast provides a layer of protection against moisture and other elements. Leaving wood or metal furniture in the open means that it will soon rot or rust. If you don’t want to keep replacing garden furniture, have it painted to preserve its materials. Alternatively, you can go for plastic furniture which demands less maintenance. There is also synthetic wicker for the desired effect without the need for specialized care.

  1.     Treatment

Treatment is emphasized for wood furniture to prevent rot, cracks and pest attacks. Hardwoods contain natural oils that prevent rotting but softwoods like pine must be pressure treated to keep them from rotting. Hardwoods need great care to slow down graying from exposure to the sun. Regular treatment of wood garden furniture extends its lifespan and certainly saves you bucks.

  1.     Waxing

Metal furniture will last longer if properly washed with warm water and a non-abrasive cloth. Avoid scratching steel metal furniture as the exposed metal underneath will start to rust. For an extra layer of protection, use car wax to give your furniture the final polish.

  1.     Remove stains

It is inevitable that the furniture in your yard will get stained and dirty after a barbecue. Be ready to clean up as soon as possible because the longer a stain stays, the harder it becomes to remove. Use a cleaning agent and material that is appropriate for the materials on your furniture and strong enough to remove the stain.

  1.     Polish glass

Glass in the garden is more predisposed to damage from rough handling than any other material. To keep a glass tabletop looking good, make sure that it is thoroughly polished using a mild agent. If it is extremely dirty, wash with soap or wipe with a damp cloth. Thankfully, polishing glass pieces is easy and therefore a quick way to enhance the outdoors.

  1.     Constant inspection

Take one day to inspect all your furniture for loose bolts, cracks, rust or mold. If you don’t make it a habit, wood will start to rot, metals will rust away and wickerwill come apart much to your embarrassment. Exposure to sunlight causes expansion and contraction, which could eventually lead to cracks. Water, on the other hand, will rust and rot any structure till it comes apart. Even weather resistant materials could break and cause accidents. It is only with aregular inspection that you will understand how to maintain outdoor garden furniture.

Cleaning and maintenance of garden furniture are inescapable if you want a stunning, comfortable space. Routine care may seem boring but the rewards are certainly worth all the hard work. Proper maintenance means that your garden furniture will last long no matter the material or accessories.

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