Aruba 6 Chair Dining Set

Solar Slate Round Table 1.5m This gorgeously sleek dining table is not only a dream to look at, but also highly practical, Equipped with a solar panel, this table can charge your devices for you


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The charging port underneath the tabletop is fit to hold a standard USB and charge any device, efficiently and effectively! So, you can still sit and enjoy the dinner party atmosphere, all while charging your device's battery! 

What's more, the table is made from tough, lightweight aluminum. With a low maintenance guarantee and extreme resistance to any external debris, this allows you to keep it outside without having to worry about moving or covering it.

Fitted with UV stabilizers and colour-fast preservatives. This table will comfortably accommodate up to 6 people.


  • Table diameter - 152cm
  • Solar panel diameter - 67cm
  • Height - 76cm

  • Aruba Dining Chair

  • This sophisticated Aruba Dining Chair is the perfect way to enhance any contemporary outdoor dining area. 
  • Its gorgeously sleek frame has been carefully crafted out of aluminium making it extremely sturdy while still being easy to move around.
  • Its stunning rope seating comes in a timeless grey shade - not only does it look fabulous but the built-in cushioning makes it efficient and endlessly comfortable - you'll never want to leave the table!


  • Full height - 72cm
  • Depth – 64cm
  • Width – 59cm
  • Seat height - 45cm
  • Seat Width – 53cm
  • Seat Depth – 46cm

Scatter Cushion – 40cm x 40cm